EUROSCI Network lecture | Propaganda and foreign policy (with Tetiana Havlin)

Monday, 3 December, 2018


I took advantage of my meeting with aunt-journalist from Russia and asked about propaganda in her country. Russian media every time give untrue information about Ukraine. Using false facts TV channels, being controlled by the government accuse our citizens of eating people. Of course, many smart persons with critical thinking dislike faking news. But some of them believe in that. After our conversation I'm sure our government should pay attention to information policy and denounce Russian media in promoting anti-Ukrainian propaganda. It's high time Ukraine should had established TV broadcasting according in compliance with the European Broadcast Standards

Propaganda is crucial in many aspects.Symbolically, personal involvement (from information to participation) could be an excellent proof of conscious Ukrainian ethnos, capable of critical thinking and countering fake information. I am pleased to note that striking manifestation of vigorous patriotic stance and critical analysis of the cyberspace effectiveness, has become the recent address of Yurii Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University (in particular, the students of Faculty of History, Political Science and International Studies), spread out in social network (Youtube, Google, Vkontacte, Facebook, Twitter) in 6 foreign languages to students of the European community concerning the events in Ukraine in 2013-2014